Hamilton Water & Sewer Department

The Hamilton Water and Sewer Department, managed by Rodney Williams, serves residents and business customers within the city of Hamilton. The water department as approximately 165 miles of PVC water main and 30 miles of cast/ductile iron pipe, for a total of about 195 miles, with service available to all four I22 exits. Water is served by one clearwell with a volume of 336,000 gallons and nine ground storage tanks with a total capacity of 3,400,000 gallons. Five booster pumping stations provide a total pump rated capacity of 600 gpm. The water department has one connection with the Guin Water and Sewer Board for emergency and supplemental water supply.

The original Hamilton Wastewater Facility was constructed in 1983. The new wastewater facility was constructed in 1999, with updated systems and increased capacity. The current total capacity is 1.5 mgd. An average of 500,000 gallons flow through a total of 18 sewer pumping stations. The wastewater facility serves 1,100 customers, and has service available to all four I22 exits. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management inspections show the wastewater facility to be maintained and operated properly.

Contact Hamilton Water Department

Hamilton Water & Sewer Department
Manager: Rodney Williams
736 Military Street South
PO Box 268
Hamilton AL 35570

Phone: (205) 921-7484
Fax: (205) 921-2220

Wastewater Facility Phone: (205) 921-7903