Welcome to Hamilton, Alabama

Message from the Mayor's Desk

On April 24th the city occupied its new home on Military Street South. The new city hall was formerly known as the Fite Mansion. The building was renovated by Dymac Contractors of Lynn, AL and they did a terrific job with the building. We invite each of our citizens to come by for a look and keep in mind on May 19th we will have open house and a special time of food and fellowship throughout the day beginning at 9:00 a.m. until. The city has just had its annually pickup/cleanup and I was very thankful for the efforts of our youth. The paving season is almost here and we will have a major effort to pave and repair as many streets as possible. The splash pad is progressing and scheduled to open about Memorial Day (May 29th). The new tennis courts are almost finished so warm up that old tennis racquet and let’s get going at that great and demanding game of tennis. Summer baseball and travel ball (both baseball and softball) should be in full swing soon.

The E.T. Sims Jr. Recreation Center will be undergoing a major work over in the next short while with the senior center having the major project. We will enlarge the senior center to give this program another area for expansion. The Buttahatchee Canoe Run is ready for use and the city will try to do improvements to the access road to the river. Sorry that part is not finished yet. So come folks let’s get our spring into full swing (high gear if you may) and tell others about this great city.

Bob Page
Mayor, City of Hamilton

Upcoming Events

  • City Council Meeting Monday, May 15, 2017
    6:00 p.m.